Dining @School


When it comes to dining@school, we make sure you have total control, without having to fend for yourself. With our meal plan you get to decide what you’ll eat and when.


  1. Your Kitchen: Stock your kitchen for the most savings and the most control. Worried about budgeting for groceries? Sign up for a Red Card semester long meal plan to pay for groceries. Unlike a credit card, there are restrictions on what you can purchase.
  2. Your Red Card: Are subs and pizza slices a daily staple in your diet? Sign up for the Red Card meal plan to pay for carry-out, delivery or dine-in, and groceries through your custom meal plan.
  3. Your Cafeteria: Wisconsin Union and University Housing dining facilities are a la carte (no meal plans) and are open to anyone, regardless of where they choose to live. Discounts apply for enrolled student.

IMG_5925Lucky is perfect for me. I’m five minutes away from State Street and my classes, and the grocery store is right downstairs. I’ve also made a lot of great friends here. It’s been easy to meet new people and everyone is eager to make friends.

Matt McManus from Plymouth, MN, Dorm@Lucky Resident


Red Card – The Ultimate Prepaid Perk

Every student is offered the opportunity to sign up for a Red Card Meal Plan. Parents can start a meal plan and add more funds online without needing the card or the student’s help (after the initial set up).

  • For students, you’ll have a convenient source of funds for groceries, as well as access to over 50 campus area-restaurants.
  • For parents, this is a simple way to set your student’s budget for the semester, knowing that the card can only be used at pre-approved locations and only for groceries and food (alcohol and tobacco purchases are prohibited.)

You can sign up with Red Card when you check into your new apartment. You can either add funds then or and add funds online, in person, or through the mail!

Click here to see a list of the restaurants that accept the card.


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