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aplusDorm with us and you can still participate in your school’s writing clinics and tutoring programs; get help through their advising and career planning networks; and access their email, alert systems, computer labs, libraries, and other communication systems.

In addition to all your school’s resources, our Residence Life Staff will help you sort things out and stay focused. (They’ve been in your shoes and know what it takes to succeed in school.) Our ResLife Staff will:

  • Find other residents with common classes, so you can share notes and form study groups.
  • Make sure your study habits aren’t left to chance.
  • Plan events throughout the year that are geared towards helping you stay focused on learning.


35to1Our Residence Life Program has a student-to-staff ratio of 35:1. (Most university resident halls are 70:1.) Think of the ResLife team as your professional big brother/sister — one who will celebrate your successes and support you during the tough days. They will help you make connections, provide plenty of fun, and support your transition to college life.

Having an experienced RA to help me pick 2nd semester classes was great. I didn’t realize how hard it would be.

—Julie M. from Naperville, IL, Dorm@Lucky Resident



Our academic support programs are designed to help you navigate your first year.

  1. We’re here to help. Our ResLife team has the connections to direct you to the appropriate campus-wide academic resources, like tutoring support, writing workshops and advising sessions.
  2. We’ve got your back. We’ll routinely check in with you to find out what’s going on with you personally and academically. We use your input to tailor our support programs to help you make the most of your education and your first- year experience.
  3. We’re not above bribery. We’ll provide “incentives” (i.e., appetizing treats and other good things) to take advantage of all our academic programs like study groups, guest speakers, and workshops.
  4. Success is what it’s all about. Multiple studies across this nation’s campuses show that students in dorm environments during their first year outperform students who do NOT live in a dorm. We see these same success rates with our Dorm@Lucky students.

You have a choice: Institutional dorm living isn’t for everybody. Make college life what you really want it to be by choosing Dorm@Lucky. We’ve kept all the good stuff, and gotten rid of the bad.

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